Kalki- Maanavta Ke Saath Ek Messiah Ki Ladayi is about the tenth and last Avatar of Lord Vishnu, Kalki. It is hard to imagine what would happen if God or His Avatar was to be re-born in this era. However, this story portrays what His life would be like in case He was. Being a messiah, Kalki has some inborn powers. As he grows up, he discovers his powers but never realises what he really is. He hides himself from people to protect his family from trouble. His life takes many turns that gives it new direction. He looks for his own identity for years and when he comes to know the truth, he finds it hard to believe. This story exhibits not only the ups and downs of life but also has many lessons to teach. Kalki dedicates his life for the betterment of humanity, but does he succeed in awakening humanity again?